MIAMI Contemporary Art 2020 Book




You have been invited to participate in the curated survey book of the year “Miami Contemporary Art 2020”


The curated survey of the year “Miami Contemporary Art 2020” from our Art-Sôlido Magazine digital artist database. Top featured artists from Miami and Florida!


Submit your work to be considered for Art-Sôlido’s curated “Miami Contemporary Art 2020” feature.


ELIGIBILITY: Artists who live or exhibit regularly in Miami are invited to submit works in any medium: painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography, textile, installation, mixed media, digital, etc.


Each selected artist will have two pages in the book "Miami Contemporary Art 2020" and will receive a digital copy of the Book. In addition, the creator will be included in the list of featured artists of Art-Sôlido Magazine for a year.


"Miami Contemporary Art 2020" will be distributed to top mayor art museums and universities in the US, plus up to 20 contacts from your own list.


All funds raised will go to the Juan Ramón Jiménez Foundation.

Deadline for submission 

- Nov 6, 2020 -


MIAMI Contemporary Art

Thank you for your submission!

Your donation is essential for the realization of this project. 

The Juan Ramón Jiménez Foundation is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) corporation with the express purpose of supporting the arts and literature through grants, scholarships, and donations.

The Foundation is currently funded exclusively through donations.  A premium is placed on both transparency and efficiency.  In particular, the board strives to keep administrative costs at a minimum, often choosing to pay overhead expenses out of pocket rather than diminishing the Foundation’s funds.   

Send your bio, statement and four high resolution images to

Deadline for submission 

- Nov 6, 2020 -